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Toxic Tort Attorney in Columbia, Illinois

Every year, we learn of more illnesses and health concerns caused by the use of hazardous chemicals and harmful substances in the workplace. Columbia attorney Stephen C. Buser has more than 30 years of experience and a successful track record representing clients in Metro East, Southern Illinois, and Missouri in personal injury and wrongful death cases involving toxic chemicals and substances.

In one case, the lawyer represented a client who worked at a facility that disposed of contaminated waste oil. The employee was not provided with any protective equipment and became ill after working at the facility for several months. He was diagnosed with malignant cancer of the lungs.

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Lawyer Stephen C. Buser filed a workers’ compensation claim against the employer and a product liability lawsuit against companies that provided the contaminated waste, which was being disposed of in violation of Illinois environmental laws. Testing of the waste oil showed that it contained PCB’s. The client died prior to the conclusion of the lawsuit, but the lawyer arranged with the family and the coroner to have samples of his internal organs sent to a testing lab, which identified PCB’s in substantial quantities in his tissue. The lawyer obtained a substantial monetary settlement for the surviving spouse and the waste oil facility was shut down by the state, in large part as a result of the wrongful death lawsuit.

Other examples of toxic substances that find their way into the workplace and people’s homes include asbestos, silica, mold, hazardous waste, and heavy chemicals such as mercury and lead paint.

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