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Dog Bite Attorney in Columbia, Illinois

Adults and children alike all too often suffer serious personal injuries as a result of being bitten or attacked by dogs. Such injuries can result in infection, permanent scars, nerve damage, and post-traumatic stress which must all be considered in evaluating the merits of the case. Also, legal rights are provided to dog bite victims under state statutes, city ordinances, and judicial decisions. It is extremely important that a dog bite victim consult immediately with an experienced attorney to be made aware of his or her rights and what not to do, including not providing a written or recorded statement to the dog owner’s insurance company. It is important for the dog bite victim to know that persons other than the dog owner may be liable for their injuries in cases involving substantial injuries and damages or when the dog owner has no insurance or inadequate insurance. The Law Office of Stephen C. Buser, Ltd., with offices in Columbia, Illinois, protects the rights of dog bite and attack victims throughout Southern Illinois and the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

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Dog owners and persons responsible for the control of another’s dog may have a duty under state law, city ordinances, and judicial decisions to prevent the dog from causing physical or mental injuries to others as a result of a dog bite or an attack by a dog. Another concern for dog bite victims is the risk of rabies that if not timely and properly treated can result in permanent adverse health consequences. Adults and children may also be injured by animals, including, but not limited to dogs, in a variety of circumstances for which there may be liability for the owner or the person responsible for controlling the animal.

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Long Term Affects of Dog Bites

Minor children are particularly vulnerable to dog attacks based on their innocence and lack of experience around dogs and may suffer serious and permanent physical and mental injuries, including facial disfigurement and scarring that may require long-term treatment. Young children, teenagers, and adults may develop post-traumatic stress syndrome from attacks by dogs which should be considered in evaluating the merits of a dog bite claim. The Law Office of Stephen C. Buser, Ltd. has successfully represented numerous victims of all ages of dog bites and animal attacks who have suffered serious mental and physical injuries.

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If you or someone you love has been the victim of a dog bite or animal attack, it is important to contact the Law Office of Stephen C. Buser, Ltd., which will provide answers to your questions and take legal action, if necessary, to assist you in obtaining a successful recovery. Contact them today for a free initial consultation.