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Injuries can be more troublesome if it is due to someone else negligence. Several questions arise in your mind when you decide to claim for your personal injury or the loss of your loved one. Anyone might provide you information, but only a professional and experienced attorney can serve you with the appropriate information. He can understand your situation better and guide you in legal ways throughout the process of obtaining the monetary compensation.

The Law Office of Stephen C. Buser, Ltd., in Columbia, Illinois safeguards the rights of personal injury victims all across the Southern Illinois and Missouri.

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Protecting All Personal Injury Victims

Personal Injury Attorney Stephen C. Buser

The attorney Stephen C. Buser has gained fame in handling most of the personal injury and wrongful death cases for last thirty years. He is known for helping people in getting their compensation beyond their expectations.
We strive to bring the most possible benefit to their deserving owner, i.e., the victims.
We firstly try to go for a fair out-of-court settlement. But, in case there is need to file suit, we are ready for that also.  We will fight on your behalf to obtain the maximum monetary compensation.
To protect the personal injury victim’s rights across the Southern Illinois and the St. Louis Metropolitan region, attorney Stephen C. Buser is ready to clear all their doubts and provide them the appropriate information.
He works on a contingency fee basis, i.e., you pay only when your case is resolved successfully.


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