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Uninsured/Underinsured Compensation Attorney in Columbia, Illinois

Every injured motorist deserves fair compensation for his or her injuries. If you were injured by an uninsured driver or a driver without adequate insurance, you need to know the rights available to you to pursue a claim against your own insurance company. The Columbia office of attorney Stephen C. Buser protects the rights of injured drivers and passengers who may need to file underinsured or uninsured claims against their own insurance company throughout Southern Illinois, Metro East, and the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

It is in the best interest of every driver and their family members on the road to be well insured. Additional coverage does not cost much and it can provide adequate compensation in the event the person at fault is uninsured or lacks adequate insurance coverage.  It is recommended that you consult with your insurance agent to find out your coverage needs.

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When injured persons are not fully compensated by the at-fault driver because of insurance coverage or a lack of adequate insurance coverage, they may need to file a claim against their own insurance company. You have insurance so that you will be protected in the event the other driver has no insurance or has low policy limits. If you have been injured by an underinsured or uninsured motorist, you deserve to be compensated based on the coverage available to you under your own policy.

Do not hesitate to take action and find out more about your rights. The Law Office of Stephen C. Buser, Ltd. will answer questions you may have about rights available under your automobile insurance policy. Representing every client on a personal basis, attorney Buser will use his thirty years of experience to make sure you understand all of your rights when it is necessary to pursue a claim against your own insurance company. There are specific time limits when notice must be given to your insurance company and other requirements to preserve your right to pursue these claims. Attorney Stephen C. Buser is prepared to answer your questions.

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If you have been injured in an accident involving an underinsured or uninsured motorist, get answers to your questions. Handling all cases on a contingency fee, the Law Office of Stephen C. Buser, Ltd. charges no attorney’s fees unless your case is successful. Contact them today for a free initial consultation.