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Dangerous Road Condition Auto Accident Attorney in Columbia, Illinois

Even when you are driving carefully, dangerous roads, construction zones and unsafe road conditions can lead to car accidents, serious personal injuries, and even death. The Law Office of Stephen C. Buser, Ltd. located in Columbia, Illinois, will ensure that you are made aware of all legal rights to you to obtain just compensation for your injuries or loss.

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When you are injured in an automobile accident, whether a minor or severe impact, it is important to understand the full extent of your rights to be adequately compensated by all negligent parties. Accidents caused by dangerous road conditions and in construction zones need to be fully investigated to determine the responsible parties, including the state, county, or private construction company. The responsible parties may be liable for your injuries and/or damages, caused by the resulting car accident.

With over thirty years of experience protecting personal injury victims, attorney Stephen C. Buser has handled a number of car accident claims involving dangerous road conditions, including:

  • Unmarked or mismarked construction zones

  • Collisions resulting from improperly marked or unmarked roads

  • Improper or unposted warnings or speed limit signs

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Attorney Stephen C. Buser once handled a case in which a teenager was seriously injured in a head-on collision caused by a dangerous road condition. After an engineer was hired to investigate, it was determined that the cause of the accident was the absence of a no-passing sign and no-passing stripes on the roadway. As a result, the governmental entity responsible for the maintenance of the road was held liable.

The firm understands that all factors must be looked at thoroughly when protecting the rights of people injured in car accidents. Our firm will make sure you receive the monetary compensation you and your family deserve for injuries caused by car accidents on dangerous roadways.

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When you are ready to take action and have your questions answered about your rights involving dangerous road conditions and accidents, the Law Office of Stephen C. Buser. Ltd. is ready to help. Representing clients on a contingency fee basis, there are no attorney’s fees unless a recovery is attained in your case. Contact them today for a free initial consultation