Bed Sores/Pressures Sores

Bed Sores/Pressure Sores Can Be a Sign of Neglect — Contact a Lawyer

What starts out as a bed sore or pressure sore may lead to serious medical complications, including infections, gangrene and even death. Nursing homes are aware of the serious threat to residents from untreated bed sores or pressure sores, but, unfortunately, they often fail to provide adequate care to prevent them from developing or prevent them from becoming worse. The Law Office of Stephen C. Buser, Ltd. protects the rights of residents of nursing homes who have been seriously injured as a result of nursing home abuse and neglect in Southern Illinois and the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

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When a person enters a nursing home, it is the responsibility of nursing home staff to perform a proper assessment, develop a corresponding care plan, and ensure the care plan is properly implemented. Nursing homes are aware that the failure to properly perform any of these steps may lead to serious injuries or death, which are a common source of nursing home neglect and/or abuse claims.

Bed sores/pressure sores (also known as decubitus ulcers) can result from inadequate nutrition, dehydration, and unrelieved pressure on various parts of a resident’s body due to their impaired mobility caused by strokes, fractures or other medical conditions. The nursing home has a responsibility to ensure adequate care is provided to prevent bed sores/pressure sores from developing and to provide adequate treatment to heal bed sores/pressure sores that developed prior to admission to the nursing home.

Bed sores/pressure sores are classified in four distinct stages under federal standards. It is very important that nursing homes provide adequate care to residents who have bed sores/pressure sores in the early stages of development so that they do not progress into the latter stages that can result in various types of infections, gangrene and death. In such cases, photographs of the bed sores/pressure sores are very important in proving neglect or abuse that has occurred from the failure to properly treat and/or prevent bed sores/pressure sores.

When nursing homes fail to provide proper treatment of bed sores/pressure sores, it can lead to serious injuries or death.

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