Physical & Sexual Abuse

Nursing Home Physical & Sexual Abuse Claims

Nursing homes have an absolute duty to their residents to provide a safe environment that will prevent physical and sexual abuse by other residents, employees or others. If you or a loved one has been physically or sexually abused while a resident in a nursing home, it is important take action immediately. The Law Office of Stephen C. Buser, Ltd., with offices in Columbia, Illinois, protect the rights of nursing home residents who have suffered abuse and neglect in Southern Illinois and the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

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Among the duties of a nursing home to protect their residents from harm is the requirement that it properly screen all employees for prior criminal conduct or other past behavior that may endanger the safety of nursing home residents. Nursing homes also have a duty to monitor their residents so they cannot cause physical harm to other residents, including, but not limited to, sexual and physical abuse. Failure to provide these basic services is a form of nursing home neglect and abuse that can never be tolerated.

When nursing homes place profits above the adequate safety of their residents who may be physically or sexually injured because of inadequate supervision of other residents, employees or others on the premises, lack of staffing or failure to properly screen employees, there are unnecessary increased risks of harm to residents who deserve to live in a safe and secure environment. Personal injury lawyer Stephen C. Buser has represented numerous clients who have suffered injuries as a result of a wide range of physical and sexual abuse and neglect in nursing homes or similar facilities. With over thirty years of personal injury trial experience, attorney Stephen C. Buser has obtained successful recoveries for persons, unable to protect themselves, who were injured as a result of physical and sexual abuse and neglect.

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