Falls & Wandering Off

Injuries Caused by Nursing Home Falls

Neglect and abuse claims against nursing homes are often the result of residents who were injured when they fall on the premises or wander off due to inadequate supervision or improper restraint. If you or a loved one was injured in a fall or as a result of wandering off the premises, contact the Law Offices of Stephen C. Buser, Ltd., in either Columbia, Illinois, for evaluation of your claim.

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All nursing homes are aware that nursing home residents are often at risk for injuries because of wandering off into unsafe areas and/or falling on the premises. Electronic monitoring bracelets can be used to prevent nursing home residents from wandering off the premises or entering dangerous places within the nursing home. Restraint devises are also available to prevent nursing home residents who are at risk for falls from being injured. Proper assessment by nursing home staff of the resident’s needs for adequate supervision and restraint devices is required, but often lacking.

Attorney Stephen C. Buser has seen first-hand what can happen to residents who suffer a serious fall or injury caused by wandering off. Based on the awareness of nursing homes of the possibility, if not likelihood, that residents may be injured by falls inside the facility or from wandering off, nursing homes have an affirmative duty to take adequate steps to protect residents from such harms. Failure to properly develop and implement a care plan to prevent nursing home residents from falling and wandering off is a form of nursing home neglect and abuse. Attorney Stephen C. Buser and his staff are available to consult with you to advise you and your family members of your rights regarding inadequate supervision resulting in injuries by falls or wandering off.

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